Chippewa Valley Youth Apprenticeship

What is the Youth Apprenticeship Program?

Youth Apprenticeship (YA) integrates school-based and work-based learning to instruct students in employability and occupational skills defined by Wisconsin industries.   Local programs provide training based on statewide youth apprenticeship curriculum guidelines, endorsed by business and industry.  Students are instructed by qualified teachers and skilled worksite mentors.  Students are simultaneously enrolled in academic classes to meet high school graduation requirements, in a youth apprenticeship related instruction class, and are employed by a participating employer under the supervision of a skilled mentor.

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How do Youth Apprenticeships work?

Youth Apprentices work a minimum of 450 hours at their YA worksite each year of their program and take related high school or college classes to enhance their worksite experiences.  The school provides a teacher mentor that meets with the employer three times during the year to assist with skill development.  At the end of the program, the employer completes an On-the-Job Learning Guide for the student, marking off competencies within the program area.

Benefits of Youth Apprenticeship

For Students:

For Employers:

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